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YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran ibni Tuanku Ja’afar, LLB (Hons), Chairman and guiding force, is also the guiding force of many organisations dedicated to creating opportunities for Malaysian youth. HRH Prince Imran is the President of the Malaysian Cricket Association, President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Emeritus President of the World Squash Federation, aside from many corporate responsibilities. His work in education is just as well known, with three honourary doctorates, most recently from the University of Glasgow.  HRH Prince Imran co-founded and is on the Board of Directors of Tuanku Ja’afar College in Negeri Sembilan, with the purpose of creating in Malaysia, the abiding strengths of a British boarding school system.




Odette Grimes, Master in Counselling, Monash University, Singapore & Australia; B.A., University of Guelph, Canada is the face you will be meeting in Malaysia or chatting on the internet. Odette grew up in Canada, went to a good Scottish boarding school there and took extension education at York University in Leadership and in Organisational Behaviour, and Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis at the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute; and Child Home Schooling at the Institutes in Philadelphia.  She was on the Board of Directors of the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Odette additionally worked with a world-wide HR training and development company focusing on leadership and organizational change.  This took her to their leadership Outward Bound in New Mexico conducting interventions.  Odette is an associate member of the Singapore Association for Counselling and the Edmund Bergler (psychoanalytic) Society of Toronto.





Mackenzie Grimes, BSc (Hons), will be the best person to give you a first-hand account of student life in the UK and help settle you in and give you advice on overseas work placements.

Just mark, for Mackenzie, on your enquiry form.

Mackenzie has a BSc (Hons) Business Management and Spanish, from the University of Surrey, a top-10 UK university and is now working in England. She can tick all the Diaspora TCK boxes: British and Canadian, 17 years in Malaysia in the British, Canadian and American education systems and a year in Spain on a Erasmus. She can relate to the transitions of being an international kid and help you with practical tips.



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