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The University of Derby headlines itself as a university for the real world. Derby is committed to its students’ success now and in the future, assisting in career choices, evidenced by its high ranking in surveys meaningful to students, such as the Million+ and National Student Survey. With areas like employability, flexibility and teaching standards in important subject such as law; accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants; leading- edge engineering and sports science: you will find it really is a university that works. If you are a city person and want an urban experience in the heart of the England, Derby is for you.

Why Choose Derby University
Course List & Programs
Student Profiles
Jobs and More
Finances & Fees
Entrance Requirements

Why Choose Derby

  • Warm friendly atmosphere evidenced by an International Family Programme
  • Over £ 100,000,000 spent on new facilities in the last 3 years
  • Safe City Campus
  • Guaranteed campus accommodation
  • Just over 10,000 students so moving up into a larger sized category
  • National Student Survey 2010: satisfaction rated in top 10 for 6 subject areas: law 91% satisfaction; overall 79% satisfaction
  • Flexible Courses translate to varied entrance, being able to combine or change courses, or complete some degrees in two years with a summer semester option
  • Close links with employers, many carrying professional accreditation
  • Thriving locale verified by a resilient Derby economy that grew 7.5 % last year. £4000 higher national income means you should will find employment here during and after graduation
  • Independent Ranking such as the Research Assessment Exercise 2008 (REA): ranked Derby as international class in 50% of its submissions in research in 4 subject areas: biological sciences, psychology, art & design and media studies.


Degree Course List & Programs


  • Accounting and Finance BA Hons
  • Adventure Tourism (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • American Studies (Joint Honours)
  • American Studies BA Hons
  • Applied Art and Design BA Hons
  • Applied Community and Youth Work BA Hons
  • Applied Criminology BSc (Hons)
  • Applied Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Architectural Design (Joint Honours)
  • Architectural Technology and Practice BSc Hons
  • Architectural Venue Design BA Hons
  • Biology (Joint Honours)
  • Biology BSc Hons
  • Broadcast Media (Joint Honours)
  • Business Management (Joint Honours)
  • Business Management BA Hons CMI accredited
  • Business Studies BA Hons
  • Commercial Photography BA Hons
  • Community Specialist Practice BSc Hons
  • Computer Forensics and Security BSc Hons
  • Computer Games Modelling and Animation BA Hons
  • Computer Games Programming BSc Hons
  • Computer Networks BSc Hons
  • Computing BSc Hons
  • Construction Management BSc Hons
  • Countryside Management (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Creative Expressive Therapies (Dance, Drama, Music, Art) BA Hons
  • Creative Writing (Joint Honours)
  • Creative Writing BA Hons
  • Criminology (Joint Honours)
  • Culinary Arts (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Dance and Movement Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Diagnostic Radiography BSc Hons
  • Early Childhood Studies (Direct entry into stage two or three of the course) BA Hons
  • Early Childhood Studies / Early Childhood Studies (with practitioner options) BA Hons
  • Education BEd Hons
  • Education Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Education Studies BA Hons
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng Hons
  • Emergency Care Practitioner BSc Hons
  • English (Joint Honours)
  • English BA Hons
  • Environmental Hazards (Joint Honours)
  • Events Management (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Events Management BA Hons
  • Fashion Studies BA Hons
  • Film and Television Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Film and Television Studies BA Hons
  • Film and Video Production BA Hons
  • Film Studies BA Hons
  • Fine Art BA Hons
  • Forensic Science BSc Hons
  • Forensic Science with Criminology BSc Hons
  • Foundation Programme – Joint Honours
  • Geography (Joint Honours)
  • Geography BSc Hons
  • Geology (Joint Honours)
  • Geology BSc Hons
  • Hairdressing and Salon Management  BA (Hons)
  • Health and Social Care BA Hons
  • History (Joint Honours)
  • History BA Hons
  • Hospitality (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Hospitality Management BA Hons
  • Human Resource Management (Joint Honours)
  • Human Resource Management BA Hons
  • Information Technology BSc Hons
  • Interactive Media Production BSc Hons
  • International Business Management BA Hons
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management BA Hons
  • International Marketing Management BA Hons
  • International Relations and Global Development (Joint Honours)
  • International Spa Management (Online) BSc Hons
  • International Spa Management BSc Hons
  • International Trade BA Hons
  • Journalism BA Hons
  • Law (Joint Honours)
  • Law BA Hons
  • LL.B Hons, LL.B Hons with Criminology. LL.B Hons (Business Law), LL.B Hons (International Law), LL.B Hons (Social and Public Law)
  • Management Accounting CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
  • Manufacturing and Production Engineering BEng Hons
  • Marketing (Joint Honours)
  • Marketing and Advertising Management BA Hons
  • Marketing BA Hons
  • Mathematical and Computer Studies BSc Hons
  • Mathematical Studies BSc Hons
  • Mathematical Studies with Education BSc Hons
  • Mathematics (Joint Honours)
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng Hons
  • Media Production BA Hons
  • Media Studies BA Hons
  • Media Writing (Joint Honours)
  • Motorsport Engineering BEng Hons
  • Music Technology and Production BSc Hons
  • Nursing Studies BSc Hons
  • Nursing Studies (Mental Health) BSc Hons
  • Occupational Therapy BSc Hons
  • Outdoor Activities Management BA Hons
  • Outdoor Activity Leadership and Coaching BA Hons
  • Outdoor Recreation (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Photography BA Hons
  • Popular Culture and Media (Joint Honours)
  • Popular Music Production (Joint Honours)
  • Popular Music with Music Technology BA Hons
  • Product Design BA Hons
  • Product Design BSc Hons
  • Professional Culinary Arts BA Hons
  • Property Development (Joint Honours)
  • Psychology (Joint Honours)
  • Psychology BSc Hons
  • Public Relations (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Social Work (Applied) BA Hons
  • Sociology (Joint Honours)
  • Sociology BA Hons
  • Sound, Light and Live Event Technology BSc Hons
  • Sport and Exercise Science BSc Hons
  • Sport and Exercise Studies (Joint Honours)
  • Sport and Exercise Studies BA Hons
  • Sports Coaching (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Sports Development (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Sports Massage and Exercise Therapies (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Sports Psychology (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Technology Foundation Programme
  • Textile Design BA Hons
  • Theatre Arts (Joint Honours)
  • Theatre Arts BA Hons
  • Third World Development (Joint Honours)
  • Travel and Tourism Management BA Hons
  • Travel, Tourism (Joint Honours – Buxton)
  • Visual Communication (Animation) BA Hons
  • Visual Communication (Graphic Design) BA Hons
  • Visual Communication (Illustration) BA Hons
  • Zoology (Joint Honours)
  • Zoology BSc Hons

The University of Derby also has a wide range of diploma courses such as accredited Hospitality, Sports Development and much more, so contact us if these interest you.

Student Profiles

Rohit Paliwal, MSc in Computer Games Production, India. He says I started my course in January 2010, and my aim after graduation is to pursue a career in the computer games industry. My decision to study computer games production at Derby has been very fruitful. I have learned lots about the industry in general, as well as the technical aspects of games production.

Onyinye (David) Chukwumba, BSc (Hons) IT Multimedia Technology and Music, Nigeria says I like the University of Derby because it is a very good place to explore and refine your potential. The University provides the latest industry equipment, which means you have up to date professional experience. After graduating I intend to gain industry experience, and may also consider postgraduate study. I hope to become an audio and video engineer/producer, specifically in the IT and entertainment industries.

I chose Derby because it is a very good University with strong links with different industries. It is also very safe and friendly, and right in the middle of the UK, making it easy to access other cities.



Jai Li, BA Hospitality Management, China. Jai Lai took her an HND and BA at Derby and liked it so much at the university that she has continued on with a MA. She says my time at the University of Derby has flown by. I have already completed my Hospitality Management degree and gained two years full-time work experience. I feel I have achieved a lot in the past few years such as learning about different cultures, gaining lots of work experience and making a lot of friends.

I decided to study MA Management at Derby because I am ambitious and hope for a successful career where I can really add value to the company I work for. The course is excellent because it gives me lot of ideas on how to create and add value when working in large organisations, and also how to use my own capabilities to ensure a successful career. I am really enjoying the course!

Mohaned Alwi Alaswed, BEng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Libya, says that I have had an excellent experience at the University of Derby and wish to continue my education and study a Masters in Engineering Management, as I believe this will help me widen my knowledge of the management process within the engineering world. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering tutors are very knowledgeable and experienced and understanding.






Halls are arranged in flats with between four and eight people sharing. Large, standard, en suite, budget and handicapped are available in several buildings on campus all flats with a kitchen, which has a fridge freezer, cooker and hob, sink, microwave, cupboards, and a table and chairs.

Prices range from £ 73 to £ 102 per week.



Finances & Fees

Full time: £9,250 (each year) for classroom based courses and slightly higher for science/laboratory based courses (fees for medicine and dentistry are generally much higher). Please contact us for the different bands.

Bursaries up to £1,000 are available based on academic merit.


Entrance Requirements

UEC (Unified Examination Certificate) Senior Middle Level with an overall mark of at least 75%

STPM equivalent of UCAS points made up of the following: passes in two A levels, AVCEs or STPMor in an AVCE Double Award


Jobs Abroad

The University of Derby has a Student Employment Agency to help students with part-time or temporary work and as importantly actively advertises and packages its services to the business community to ensure a steady flow of positions. The Agency provides short or longer term contracts to the surrounding substantial businesses in areas as varied as accounting and visual communications employing student power as its resource.

There is also an active Career Development Centre open daily, that guides students in developing career options, assists in finding the perfect job or building a pathway to it, provides part-time, volunteer or internship opportunities, concrete help such as reasonable office space for those who are targeting self-employment, and guides you through getting the best out of post graduate if that is your path. The Centre has developed important links to social enterprises and funding corporations who are looking to invest in the entrepreneurial capabilities students develop from the Derby culture. Many students themselves are employed in the Centre, gaining valuable insights and building their CVs in the process.

A new service called Graduate Destinations went live in February this year. It is for final year students and recent graduates, with the purpose of giving you the tools to tackle the job market, whether an International or home student.

The service offers workshops designed to give you tips and advice in all areas of gaining employment after graduating. A feature you won’t want to miss it the access to a career adviser for individual coaching and guidance as well as being able to access on-line tools.

Derby has thought of every point of entry to the work world and has built the CDC around this.



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